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June 2007

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Requests and such!

So, you want to make a request? No problem!
Just follow the rules and you will be through!

Fill out the required request form (easy!) and Post it to the Community, with information given as best as you can. If your request is accepted, it will show on the community. Once it is accepted , it will be added here in queue. Check the given link to know more on how to find the status of your requests.
If your request is rejected, it may be due to one of these reasons:

  • Not complying with posting format and rules (see below for rules)
  • Use of Kewl T@lk, or explicit language
  • Asking for an adult themed layout
  • Posting links to porno pictures etc that you want featured in your layout
  • Asking me to "copy" someone else's layout for you.
  • Asking me to "tweak" or change someone else's layout.

If however, it has been rejected and you find none of the above was present in your layout, comment here, and I'll reply as soon as I can!

Right. Now, here are the forms. Choose the one which best fits you and your layout needs! Remember, while posting, you MUST include the following in your posts or it will be rejected:

  • Your post subject should contain information as to :

    1. What your request is (FO Banner, Layout, Icon)
    2. Whether it is a public (others can use) or Private(only you can use) request

    So if it is a layout request you want for your own use and which nobody else can take, you write Layout Request-Private.
    And if its a Header, for your use only, you write : Header Request - Private
  • Your post content should have:

    1. The filled out request form.
    2. Time you expect the layout in

Thats about it. Get it right and things become easier for me!

Layout Request Forms

For SPECIFIC Layout requests, where you want everything in a fixed way-->

For general layouts, where you have the basic idea, and need the layouts just tweaked around..a lot..-->

For a layout where you just have a basic vague theme but NO IDEA on how to go about it.-->

Other Requests Form

that be all!


I warn everybody that I'm going to sound stupid.

Account Type: Free

Nav bar on?:(its the strip on the top). Ummm...not exactly sure what you mean. I like the bar at the top.

Header Pictures: The "Special Victims Unit" cast, including Mariska Hargitay, Christopher Maloni, Richard Belzer, Ice-T, Diane Neal.

Theme for layouts?: "Law and Order"

Layout images: http://imdb.com/gallery/ss/0203259/Ss/0203259/2SVUavN05.jpg?path=gallery&path_key=0203259

Layout style: Boxed.

Sidebar: No.

Links you want added: None.

anything else: I like pink but I don't think that goes with Law and Order but if you can make it work, thanks. If not, I also like red, blue, black, and all other colors. I just want something pretty.

E-mail ID: rock_kitty_star_eyes@yahoo.com

Journal layout is needed for:...personal use. rock_kitty (my account)

Okay. I'm honestly not sure how that sounds, probably bad. Basically I just want a header with "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" pictures. I want a nice color. I'm really not good at this. Please, bare with me.
all layouts are to posted as seperate posts to this community please. Or they will not be entertained. Please post it as so, or i'll have to reject.ignore your request.

Layout Request

Account Type: Paid.
Nav bar on?: No.
Header Picture: HERE.
Style: Generator seems like it would work well. If not, I trust you to pick.
Images to be used in header: Don't have any images, but here's some text: "I'm walking down the line that divides me somewhere in my mind. On the border line of the edge, and where I walk alone."
Background Color: Black.
Sidebar: Yes. Doesn't matter which side. If possible, I'd like titles (image mapped maybe?) to separate sections to say: Basics, Current, Role-Play, and Fanlistings. I hope that's not asking too much...
Color Scheme: I want the scheme to be black and red, but I'm afraid that might be too overpowering... If it is, then maybe black and white, with the header image being the only thing with color.
Comments Link: (# commented = # walked down the) (comment = boulevard)
Divider: Yes. Don't have an image, but bullet holes or just a dotted line would work well.
Linking: Normal.
Links: Entries, Archive, Friends, and User Info.
Anything else: If I wasn't clear enough on anything, just email me. I might have misunderstood some questions. Also, it would be awesome, if you have the free time, to color in the gun he's holding silver. It's a sketch from an official art book so I guess it was left unfinished. I understand if that's asking too much, though.
E-mail: sumeragi.subaru@gmail.com
Journal layout is needed for: Personal LJ.

Re: Layout Request

all layouts are to posted as seperate posts to this community please. Or they will not be entertained. Please post it as so, or i'll have to reject.ignore your request.

also, please note: paid accounts have layers which i cant deal with since I have never worked with a paid account. I can make a basic/plus layout. if you want a layout of a basic categiry (can be used on paid accounts) then i'll be happy to do it..otherwise..sorry!

Re: Layout Request

I'm sorry. I completely misunderstood. I'll fix that.
Account Type:(Paid, Plus or free) free /s1 /public
Nav bar on?:(its the strip on the top) yes (if you mean the link for viewing past entries and such id like that to be at the bottom of the page)
Header Pictures:http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=5y7xhz5 (this is a wallpaper, but id like it resized to be used as a header for my layout)
Style:what style you want,i.e,generator,
Images to be used in header:Text can also be given alongside.
Background color:what color or even style.something that matches the header nice
Sidebar:yes or no? id like the navagation links there ( userinfo, friends, calander , entries) and space to add more if i later choose.
Color scheme: id like everything to match the header if possible, just make sure that the links/text are easy to read
Comments link:comments
Divider:yes or no. just a black bar would be fine
linking:image maps or normal?
links:all the links you wat present.
Anything else:anything you wanna add.
E-mail ID: rocklover_666@yahoo.com
Journal layout is needed for: myself -JenR925

im not very good at being specific when it comes to layout requests. so if the above isnt good enough, just let me know and i'll try and answer the best i can. i just want the layout to be simple and look nice.


it wont let me edit/delete my above request. i would like to cancel my request as i alreayd got it filled by another community.. thanks
Account Type:Paid
Nav bar on?:yes
Header Pictures:yes
Theme for layouts?:hot guys - well ones i like anyways.and that would be dave Gahan from depeche mode,orlando bloom,nathan fillion and gerard butler.
Layout images:just make it so it has loads of images with those named above. doesnt matter if they are in charachter or not.
Layout style:simple layout - if possible
Links you want added:see my journal - gerryswenchie for any links and stuff
anything else:
E-mail ID: lucydyer31@btinternet.com or leave a message at my journal, i am usually on.
Journal layout is needed for


Layout Request-Private.

Account Type: free)
Nav bar on?:(its the strip on the top)
Header Pictures:


Layout style:REGULAR layout?
Links you want added:
anything else:JUST KAE IT LOOK GIRLY
E-mail ID: madgirl998@yahoo.com
Journal layout is needed for

layout request- private

Hello! I have just started my travel blog and none of the layouts on the LJ site really match what I am looking for.. If you could help me I would GREATLY appreciate it! :)

Account Type:Paid

Nav bar on?:no

Header Pictures:(feel free to be creative and find your own travel picture..with this one- you're the artist! But here are some ideas..Though none of them are exactly what I want..)

Patterned background?(you can give your specific pattern): I think solid would be fine.

Sidebar,and its position: I would like it to the left side.. And have the opportunity to write my own stuff in boxes on the side, links, etc.

Linking: I would just like basic links on the sidebar

Links you want: My Pictures- http://www.flickr.com/photos/28696025@N07/sets/
My Myspace- http://www.maypace.com/lifeinsideasong
The Gratitude Group- http://groups.google.com/group/gratitudegang
My Travel Guide- http://www.roughguides.com/
My Flight site- http://www.cheapoair.com
Perez!- http://www.perezhilton.com

Entry box:Again, be creative with this. The simpler the better, centered..

Text for entries,subject,date/time and the colours: Georgia or something simple but classy looking, Subject a different color and a bit bigger font- not huge though.. Just the date, no time..
Color is hard.. It will depend on the picture you choose I suppose.. I would like some bright colors, something a bit girly but not to the extreme.. But again- be creative.

What comments link say: Leave Something Lovely

Anything else: Again this is really something you can be creative with.. I just want something related to travel that isn't completely dull! I would like colorful, pretty, something that doesn't look like your typical livejournal. :)

E-mail ID: Is this just my e-mail?

Journal layout is needed for: My travel blog that I will be sharing with family and friends.. I am going to be an au pair in Switzerland for a year!
Thank you SO SO much ahead of time!

Layout Request

Account Type: free

Nav bar on?: um...

Header Pictures: um...

Style: simple

Images to be used in header: none

Background color: black

Background image: fixed, tiled, http://www.pimp-my-profile.com/generators/preview.php?

Sidebar: hopefully a 3-column deal, please

Color scheme: black table background, solid pale yellow border and text (FFFFDD), and diluted red links (CC2222).

Comments link: ...

Divider: um... I guess no?

linking: normal, underlined


Anything else: maybe some padding between the tables and columns

E-mail ID: fallingstar418@gmail.com

Journal layout is needed for: well, not so much needed as wanted for my blog :) thank you very much

Layout Request

Oh! For the background image, I meant this url http://static.pyzam.com/img/thumbs/bgs/lg/heartexplosion.jpg because the one I gave you is blank. Thank you again!

Re: Layout request - Private

Hi, I've wanted a layout of my own, but I have no idea how to make one. I would really much appreciate it if you made one for me... ^-^

Also, I'm really sorry if there are some things I don't know. I'm really confused...if there's anything that I got wrong, please do tell me about it.

Acct type: Plus

Nav bar: I'll have it on for easier navigation.

Header Pictures:
(That's my photobucket folder) It'd also be nice if you somehow removed the japanese writing on the image.

I also want the text "a secret that only we know" written on it. Please make the font a bit classy and artsy. Kind of like those script-fonts.

Background: anything that would fit the color of the header.

Sidebar,and its position: at the left. for color, i'll let you decide whether to leave it transparent or fill it in with color that would match the header.

Linking: image-mapping. The color would be whatever would fit the image. But if possible, I want it to be gold or yellow ochre. Anyway, you're the artist so please feel free to make the appropriate decision. =)

Links you want:
link (the text i want to appear)
http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/ (Anime News Network)
http://www.mangafox.com/ (MangaFox)
http://www.onemanga.com/ (OneManga)
http://aarinfantasy.com/ (Aarinfantasy)
http://www.fanfiction.net/u/831190/ (Fanfiction.net)

Entry box: i really want a classy style so i'm a bit undecided. i'll let you get creative here.

Text for entries,subject,date/time and the colours: The font... Trebuchet MS... as for the color, I prefer orange, but like i said, if it doesn't seem right with the image, please feel free to make the appropriate decision.

What comments link say: Whispers

Anything else: the universal font is Trebuchet MS, except for the text on the header which I have earlier specified.

I have seen your other works and they are truly remarkable. Please feel free to let your creative juices flow.

If I have misunderstood anything or there is something that's unclear, please tell me about it. I'm really bad at describing these kinds of things, and this is also the first time I've requested an LJ layout for myself. I'll try my best to clear things out. =)

Oh, and it'd be nice if I got it by any day of January. But if you can't make it, that's fine. I can wait for you to finish.

E-mail ID: kasumi_yyh07@yahoo.com

Journal layout is needed for: my personal LJ

Layout Request-Private

Account Type: Free
Nav bar on?: yes(placed at the bottom)
Header Picture: white lotus (left side of header words)(http://www.flickr.com/photos/21644167@N04/3298930484/) Header words: "Podottyrunway" in black beside the picture.
Patterned background: yes, white flowers. Tile in big squares.(http://www.flickr.com/photos/21644167@N04/3226817835/)
Sidebar,and its position: yes. At the top of the page below the header, at the centre.
Linking: Normal
Links you want:Entries, Archive, Friends, and User Info.
Entry box: box like, simple plain solid border in light beige, at the centre.
Text for entries,subject,date/time and the colours: Arial in black.
Divider: Yes, in darker beige.
What comments link say: comments
Anything else: Text:"(the runway's in...)" right below each entry box, in black. when rolled over turns light beige.
E-mail ID: podottyrunway@hotmail.com
Journal layout is needed for personal fashion blog.

I really need your help. Hope you can make in 2 weeks. Thanks alot for your help.